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Publications / Exhibitions
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Tulip twins, Tailor-made minimal. From RAW-materials to cool modern design... >
Hong Kong, Life among others... >
Minimal Monochrome, The different shades of grey reflect the various structures of these materials... >
Cube Table, One The surface is floating from it skeleton which makes it more of a cubical... >
FoodCollaboration By finding the right partners and doing more research on the subject food, I believe that together we can gather al kinds of useful information to build an independent platform. The way this system is designed... >
Vallée du paradis, Marocco The range of different colors in each view makes every photo unique... >
Pattern zero, N.1 A letter that repeats itself on a shelf that can be repeated multiple times... >
Optical, The Raw Edition The optical deception that takes place in the same area creates a different look on its reflection... >
Horizontal Table Every single part of this table is made from 2D materials. Every dimension has its own material... >
Cloud The melancholy in this air overshimmered the whole day... >
Broken objects The layers reduced themselves to their very essence. The beauty of broken objects... >